RIART FASHION – Brand of luxury handmade handbags of the highest quality leather, unique in its timeless design. The concept of the RIART FASHION brand grew out of our desire to escape the hyperproductionist world of commercial manufacturing, into a unique and artistic world of sculptural aesthetics.

With a flawless balance of luxury, art and contemporary, RIART FASHION presents the most exclusive designs handbags for ladies who cherish their own style of wanting to emphasize their individuality and originality.

Apart from their decorative charm, RIART FASHION handbags will captivate you with their delightful functionality. Beautiful creations of RIART FASHION handbags, are ideal for daytime activities and evening entertainment, giving you plenty of space for all that is necessary to carry. Elegant and special, comes in many different colors and size.

Rialda Zurovac, the designer behind the RIART FASHION brand, will lead you into the remarkable world of leather accessories in her own special way, using modern architectural designs with a refined sense for detail. Having been inspired by experimenting with leather in geometrical shapes, Rialda is a creator of real pieces of wearable art. Unique design, bold and innovative style, extravagant colors, high-quality leather and handmade production techniques are the main characteristics of these avant-garde handbags.


Land: Serbien

Webseite: http://riart-fashion.com/