Sustainable style – Printa basic Collection The Vienna and Budapest-based concept store, Printa presents Printa Basic eco-fashion collection. Printa’s Basic collection include clothing items, focusing on screen printing, using recycled fabrics, special bio-cotton and alternative materials. Each model of the Basic collection is characterized by simplicity. They are casual clothes with small, exciting twists like the fine color gradations or abstract prints. Materials used in collection include upcycled men’s shirts, cotton pullovers, t-shirts and jeans. Prints combine layered geometric and hand painted forms, making each item unique. Important part of the collection are Printa leather bags and accessories made from old leatherjackets. The remarkably rich Basic collection, in line with an eco-fashion principle, is not a seasonal collection. These pieces are aimed to be part of not only the s/s of 2014, but to be with their future wearers for years; replacing one’s whole wardrobe every half year is not compliant with sustainability. Of course, the collection receives a bold uplifting every year.

Land: Ungarn