Vesna’s beginning as a fashion designer goes back to 2013. After finishing College of Fine & Applied Arts and Faculty of Forestry, she dived into the world of fashion. Experimenting with form and cut, repeating the small details and magnifying them into the main theme she tried to produce as many possible combinations, never the same – yet similar in general idea. Simplicity of her design and geometric approach to the cut was mainly influenced by Japan. . Although she prefer darker tones, rich and bold colors are no intimidating to her and she uses them once in a while. Latest collection has oversized items (skirt, collar on the coat, part of a sleeve..) but they don’t overwhelm the model. Their purpose is just to emphasize the geometry of the model and overhaul simplicity. Very successfully, Vesna compliments her clothes with accent pieces of designer shoes and jewelry that makes a cohesive element with a collection as a whole.

Land: Serbien