When you find a shoe that fits, buy in every colour!

Is Milenika’s fitting motto, and it will surely become a lot more women’s as they find out about the hidden secret that is Milenika shoes, as they’ll be lusting over not only every color, but most likely every single style available.

Some women like plain classic shoes. Other like fun, colorful and fashionable footwear, and can appreciate artfully outrageous or intricate designs. While not forsaking or excluding the former, Milenika shoes is a brand which will fit the foot like a glove, while also catering to someone with a more classic taste looking to put a new twist to their footwear choices.

“From sketch to real made shoes.” Is this brand’s adequate philosophy, which clearly illustrates the artistic backgrounds of the young couple who created it, Milena Hrastnik, a footwear designer and her partner and co-founder Dušan Franc Hrastnik.

Milenika shoes are fully crafted from leather, with the utmost attention to detail, so as to create shoes and heels which not only are fashion forward, but also great quality and comfortable to wear, so women all over the world will be able to wear the magnificent designs for years to come. Furthermore, the Slovenian brand’s creations are also quite affordable for beautiful brand name leather shoes, which makes them accessible to everyday women, which will surely be enchanted by the beautiful, often colorful designs and the opportunity to wear something quite unique, which will surely turn heads and become easily recognizable in the future, turning them into pioneer trend-setters.

Land: Italien