Ékezet Galéria is a collective of three Budapest based jewellery designers.
hang’on’you: Rita Besnyői, designer and creator of hang’on’you jewellery brand, originally graduated as an architect, always experimenting, prying the limits. Her Customers take on jewellery which highlights their own personalities. Her collection ranges from minimalistic through to highly emotional and organic designs, but always something special.

Kirke: the aura of the design by Szilvia Kerékgyártó will surround its owner with lyric emotions and thoughts in a form of refined jewellery.

dorades: Dóra Dés-Kertész’ organic jewellery –primarly made of precious metals- resembles a fragrance that smells a little different on all of us. Every piece is an interactive, unique and living object that springs into real existence only through the interaction with its owner.

Land: Ungarn

Webseite: http://ekezetgaleria.hu/