The unique pieces of ‚dorades jewelry‘ – handmade of primarily precious metals – might seemingly be a result of fortuitousness. However, there is always a conscious message, a hidden secret, some irony or little suprises in the playful and lightsome designs.

The ’same but different‘ collection rephrases the meaning of traditional jewelry. Every single piece of these organic, irregular and uneven rings, bracelets and pendants are completely unique and unreproducible. All of them are different, shine differently and fit differently together with their owner. And this is what makes them special.

Dóra Dés-Kertész: „As the designer of ‚dorades jewelry‘ I believe that jewelry is an interactive, living object, which comes to life when the material, the designer and – finally but mostly – the owner meet. The real value of a piece of jewelry can therefore only be measured by what it adds to the unique, matchless and unreproducible personality of its owner and what it means to her.“

Land: Ungarn