Citoyenne K. presents a lifestyle that questions current approach to fashion. Citoyenne K. stands for unique, timeless, multifunctional clothing. Each piece is hand-made and transformable, dress that turns in an overall, double sided coat that changes shape and color when twisted or a skirt, which becomes shorts in a matter of seconds. Special attention is given to tradition and classic use of materials, while geometrical forms offer the main inspiration for designs. Designer herself is responsible for each step of the creation – from the first concept until the last stitch. The classical and thorough approach to work guarantee top quality in each piece she makes. Holding on to hand-made, traditional, unique pieces while making contemporary design, is what makes Citoyenne K. special – it recognizes the importance of tradition and value of technique and visual aspects of handicrafts and their cultural background. Citoyenne K. creates objects that become part of your identity, not part of your wardrobe.


Land: Kroatien