The name „TrueYou“ originates from the idea to be able to live our lives as individual as we want to. It stands for fashion and a lifestyle shaped by openness, courage and self-confidence.

TrueYou is a brand that goes beyond classical, conventional clothing.
The brand encourages people to showcase their uniqueness to the world and present themselves in any way they desire – regardless of any hesitation.

The complex and handcrafted designs ensure that our product concepts while being both revolutionary and identity-based, also fulfill our constant striving for the best possible quality.
In order to be able to provide something individual to as many people as possible, we divided our fashion into two divisions: TrueYou – Natura and TrueYou – Astat.

Be who you want to be. Be who you should be.
Get up and show your inner confidence.
… Rise & Shine

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