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Magister of design and aromatherapist by trade, from her early childhood Romina expressed herself in various forms of Art: dance, singing, playing, painting, sculpture as well as clothes and jewelry design. , Many years of experience in the field of graphic and product design, built through the work in different design studios and advertising agencies, she synthesized and applied to the development of ‚Ra design‘ brand, which is in constant search for the new materials and techniques of creation, at the same time playing between modern and timeless., Collection „Granitte“ is maded from foamy gum which is lightweight, soft, stretchy and simple the author transforms into tough and sturdy look, unprocessed appearance of a massive nature, through the visual one of the strongest igneous rocks – granite. Step further, and it becomes elegant and sophisticated „piece“ of jewelry, referring to the strong woman and her raw beauty, which still remains gentle, soft and flexible, if only on touch.

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