Dyan is the nickname of designer Diána Pogar who established the brand.
Born in Hungary, she graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design at the faculty of Fashion
and Textile Design in Budapest. After that she has taken internship at the famous Asso Shoe.

Dyan creates unique leather shoes that come from the designer’s personal vision and inner sensitivity.
The unified system of forms with pure and simple silhouettes is characterized in her design.
Shoes are sophisticated with elegant style combined with high quality shoemaking.
Her collections are for the cosmopolitan women for those who are on the move, therefore comfort is important
to them and they search for special appearance.

Dyan ist der Spitzname von Designer Diana Polgar, die etablierten der Brand.
Geboren in Ungarn, Diana graduierte am Moholy-Nagy University für Kunst und Design an der Fakultät für Mode und Textil Design in Budapest.
Dyan schafft einzigartig Lederschuhe. Die vereinheitlichtes System von Formen mit rein und einfach Silhouetten in ihrem Design aus.
Schuhen sind anspruchsvoll mit eleganten Stil in Verbindung mit hochwertiger Schuhherstellung.

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